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  • Al Kent


    Al Kent was born in Scotland. His father was an avid record collector and had a cabinet full of them. And Whisky. Everything from Abba and Elvis to the Glitter Band and Buddy Holly was in there. What a load of shit they were. In 1976 Al ran away from home to live in New York. Here, at the age of 8 he started attending the Loft and hanging out with Nicky Siano and a whole bunch of cool New York DJs with Italian names.

    In 1978 he was arrested for possession of PCP while guesting at Better Days with Tee Scott and deported back to Glasgow, where his dad was now getting into a bit more David Essex. He was shit too. So Al opened.his own club in Glasgow, based on his experiences in New York. With his pocket money he flew Richard Long over to kit it out and had Walter Gibbons DJ at the opening party. since then he's bought lots of records, done the deejaying in lots of places, and recorded an orchestra too. For the full story of The Million Dollar Orchestra see the biography, in short the album was recorded in the traditional way, mostly one take, in an analogue studio. The Sound is rich , lush, string laden, beautiful disco music, full of joy with phenomenal musicianship. It is Al Kent’s biography told in Music. Al is currently working with Lynn from Ebonycuts on a time machine. This project should be completed soon, at which point the two will travel back in time and buy lots of records.


    New York City Bump - Black Rock
    Lypso Disco - Smile Street People
    I Just Can't Help Myself - Sweet Daddy Floyd
    Let's Get With The Beat - Tomorrow's People
    Cosmic Disco - Patircia White
    Love Your Family - Crosstown Traffic
    I'm Alright - Bob Williams
    Nitelife (Let's Get It On) - The Midas Touch
    I'll Always Love You - Quinn Harris
    I'll Be The One - JNB
    Rockin' On Down - William V. Gee
    Hot Seat - Third World Connection
    F. Minor Disco - Ross Carnegie & Co.
    Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On - New Ghetto Express
    Trivialities - Nombres
    Rockin-Poppin Full Tilting - Lee Alfred
    If It Wasn't For My Baby - Four Sonics
    Disco Unusual - North By Northeast


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